Monday, July 20, 2009

Transition To Chiron Tower Complete!

With the exception of some final touches, the studio at Chiron Tower is ready for classes! Losing the majority of my equipment during a bad server transfer has been frustrating, but I've managed to replace most of the basics with some suitable facsimiles. They aren't the top of the line structures I had before, but we'll get back there bit by bit. Students don't really have a chance to explore the deeper features of the equipment anyway.

The next step for us is getting the word out and getting the website on board. I'm wanting to run an event of some kind, and may talk to Eva about it but we'll have to see if she's interested. I wouldn't want to take ANY traffic from her or Dominion; they were one of the inspirations for PIS in the first place!

Two things I'm considering for the future: Picks rewards, and a D/s match service.

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